Cloth hangers "Trempel"


Cloth hangers "Trempel" are made of recycled materials. Cardboard tubes are very good for manufacturing, often this lightweight material is used as a packaging product.  Trempel's main idea - is its ease of fabrication and replication of all used feedstocks. 

The essential idea of hanger's shaping lies in established angle of a cardboard tube cutting. After doing a crop cutting we put there an alum pop-rivert which is screwed over with a standard hook and after we get an end-product. Then this trimmed cardboard tube is needed to be covered with a waterproof aqueous varnish, in order to avoid board's blotting. So as a result we get our minimalistic cloth hanger. 

Trempel 05

Trempel 01

Trempel 02


Trempel 03


Trempel 06


Trempel 03

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