Shower "Sfumato da Vinci"


Shower "Sfumato da Vinci"

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Sfumato (from Italian “to evaporate like smoke”) in painting is the fine shading that produces soft object outlines through the picturesque recreation of surrounding light and air. It’s used most often in connection with Leonardo da Vinci’s art theory and practice.

The great artist and genius of engineering, who’s inventions are equal to modern design ideas, used the nozzle technique to blend areas into one another that looked like miniscule brushstrokes, which create a very realistic depiction of light and color. 7744 nozzles with flowing water provide the feature of side and top shower. Their sensing system ensures simultaneous functioning in area where human body moves, while taking a shower. It’s also possible to control the water pressure force and create the effect of a pleasant whirl.

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